Handy Hints

View from top of a yachts mastHere are a few handy hints for preparing for your holiday on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

TRANSFER TO YOUR ACCOMMODATION:  When you arrive at the Cocos (Keeling) Islands a Cocos Accommodation staff member will be waiting for you outside the airports baggage collection area to escort you to your accommodation. Look for the Cocos Accommodation sign.

WHAT TO PACK: Think tropical and casual when packing for your island holiday.  Swim wear is the most important item of clothing for many visitors along with shorts, t-shirts, sandals and shoes for walking the reef flats. Don’t forget your sun protection. Even on cloudy days you will burn. For the ladies who intend on visiting Home Island, bring something a little more modest that covers knees and shoulders. We also suggest a lightweight shower proof jacket just in case of a tropical shower.

FOOD & DIETARY NEEDS: If you have any dietary requirements Cocos Accommodation suggests you bring that. Consider some tasty ‘sundowner‘ nibbles if you are still within your baggage allowance. The Island’s local supermarket is generally well-stocked with a range of groceries. Short life fruit and vegetables arrive weekly on the Toll freighter and are available at the supermarket on Saturday morning.

DRINKING WATER: The Island’s water supply is very safe to drink. The water is naturally filtered through the sand before it is collected and pumped to the town’s water tanks.

CASH REQUIREMENTS: Most of the smaller traders have EFTPOS or major credit cards facilities (except Diners & AMEX), including the Cocos Club, Tropika Restaurant and West Island Supermarket. However, it is advisable to carry a small amount of cash, say $200-$300. The Community Resource Centre operates a small ATM facility.

INTERNET, MOBILE PHONE, RADIO & TV: The Community Resource Centre offers internet connection using their computers or by connecting your computer to their network. There is also a wireless network originating from the Community Resource Centre.

Cocos has its own mobile service allowing your mobile to connect to the CiiA network and you should receive a SMS with your temporary Cocos Mobile number. However this may not be possible if your phone is locked! Then visit the Community Resource Centre to purchase Mobile Credit. Public phones are located at the Cocos Club and the Cocos Beach Motel.

Cocos now has digital TV allowing access to most of the digital regional channels. The local radio station 6CKI broadcasts music 24 hours a day with live local news at 12.30pm Monday to Friday.

AIRPORT MANAGEMENT: Cocos (Keeling) Islands airport enjoys the rare luxury of not being fully fenced. However due to changes in Federal Aviation Transport Security Legislation, access across or onto the runway is no longer permitted , except under specific circumstances for authorised persons only. You will notice the runway strip is defined by white gable markers. These markers act as an invisible fence-line. Please remain outside these markers at all times or you may risk prosecution. Your co-operation is essential in maintaining airport safety and benefits the Island’s community endeavours to not fence the whole airport.

Sunrise and an old anchor

Cocos Malays walk past tourism office