Eating Out

Blackboard menu at Dorys cafeDORY’S CAFE: Located on William Keeling Crescent in the old Admiralty building. Dory’s Cafe offers home made cakes & slices,sweet & savoury muffins and pastries, freshly brewed coffee and tea and Sunday breakfast. If you have a special occasion and would like a delicious evening meal, speak with Pam who is only too happy to assist.

TROPIKA RESTAURANT: Located in the Cocos Beach Motel complex is the restaurant serves three meals a day.The emphasis is to eat early as the restaurant closes 8.00pm sharp! Bookings are essential. Please write your name on the chalk board outside the restaurant prior to 4pm.

MESRA KAFE: Located on Home Island offers authentic Malay cuisine. Mesra Cafe is opened Wednesday evenings (except during Ramadan & Hari Raya celebrations) to coincide with the return ferry service to West Island. The cafe is open during the day serving a selection of food and cold drinks. Bookings, via the Cocos Islands Visitors centre, are essential.

WICK CAFE is now open on West Island! Come and say hello to Mak Alfin and discover the finest of Cocos Malay cuisines!! Open for lunch from 9.30 till 1.30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

COCOS CLUB: Don’t want to eat at a restaurant? Every few weeks, the different social clubs of Cocos prepare a “food night” at the Cocos Club. Excellently priced meals are offered along with raffles and good natured fun. Come along, share a meal and get to know the locals. Become a member while you are visiting and enjoy discounts on take-away alcohol and having a tab at the bar.

PICNIC / BBQ’s: There are also several picnic / bbq areas on West Island for visitors to use. Dory’s Cafe can supply a “dinner or lunch” pack. The supermarket carries a small variety of frozen meat, chicken and fish and fresh salad vegetables. Or for the fisherman, sizzle a freshly caught trevally or sweetlip on the bbq!



People enjoying a full-cooked breakfast

Colourful platter of meats and cheeses ready for BBQ