Cocos Transport

Ride a bike along palm lined roadsBUS & FERRY: A local bus service from West Island Settlement to the jetty operates approximately 20 minutes prior to the departure of the ferry to Home Island. On Saturday the ferry diverts to Direction Island to allow tourists and locals access to this remote paradise. The ferry returns in the afternoon to return you to West Island.

BIKE HIRE: For clients staying at Cocos Castaway there is a fleet of complimentary shared push bikes. Push bike hire is available on West Island from “Sandy Feet” located in the airport terminal area. Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory.

VEHICLE: Cocos Castaway offers 2 modern, 4-door utilities for their clients that are able to seat up to 5 people. If you are staying at Cocos Castaway we suggest you pre-book your vehicle to avoid disappointment.

Cocos Autos also have a selection of utes or twin cabs. Cocos Accommodation is able to pre-book these vehicles as well.

ROAD RULES & REGULATIONS: Most Western Australian road rules apply on Cocos, which include wearing seat belts and not carrying any passengers in open utes. The AFP is responsible for policing these rules and we ask that visitors respect them.

Please note that on the “highway” the maximum speed limit is 50km and around town 30km.




Ferries travel between West Island and Home Island

Travel West Island in a comfortable 4WD