Cocos Islands

Map showing Cocos in comparison to AustraliaLocated literally in the middle of the Indian Ocean (12 deg south | 96 deg east) just over 2700 km northwest of Perth, 3000 km due west of Darwin and 900 km southwest from Christmas Island (its closest neighbour). Cocos is a comfortable 4-1/2 hour flight by jet from Perth, Western Australia.

Tropical Cocos has two main seasons: the windy trade winds from April/May to September/October and the calmer doldrums from November through to April. The “wet season”, February-May, can also generate the occasional low pressure system (cyclone), however rainfall usually visits this sandy atoll in the evenings, bringing glorious sunny days! Temperatures are fairly consistent no matter what the season, remaining around a comfortable 29° C with a minimum evening temperature rarely dropping below 20° C. For an ideal tropical holiday getaway, Cocos is the destination.

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Relaxing on the beach at Direction Island


Unlike most holiday island destinations such as many of the Pacific Islands, Cocos (Keeling) Islands does not have huge resorts, shopping centres, restaurants, gift shops or organised activities. If these are high on your list of priorities, then Cocos may not be the holiday island destination for you. Tourism on the Islands is uncomplicated and simplistic which enhances the beauty of the Islands. For residents and visitors, Cocos is a sanctuary and a safe haven for all to enjoy. Tourists are greeted by the locals and immediately feel as if they are a part of this close-knit community. SMILE and be made welcome!