Cocos Activities

Looking at Direction Island from the top of a yacht mastThere are always plenty of holiday activities to keep you busy whilst on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Even when you think you are doing nothing, you will still need time out to relax!

Most are self-guided tours like a leisurely bike ride to Trannies Beach or Scout Park, snorkel the tidal pools of Pulu Maraya, explore the exposed reef flats of West Island and just see how many different species of aquatic creatures you find.

Walk along the palm tree lined roads and tracks where you’ll find enormous stands of Alexandrian Laurel and native hibiscus trees. Cocos is fast becoming known to the bird-watching community. Apart from the common birds; White terns, Rufus Night Herons, Common Noddys, new species have been recorded over the past couple of years by dedicated birders who visit the Islands each year.

If that seems too busy for you, then the Cocos pace is similar to that of a hermit crab, slow and steady, you’ll arrive at your destination when you get there.






Coconut palm lined beach

Two tourists sitting in the water at the Yacht Club