Club Events

Band member playing drums at Cocos ClubANNUAL EVENTS: During the year, the locals of Cocos kick up their heels and celebrate! On West Island functions such as the Mid-Year Ball, Wine Art & Music Festival, St Patrick’s Day, Melbourne Cup, Orphans Christmas Lunch at Trannies Beach and the New Years Eve extravaganza are available for visitors to the Islands to participate in and enjoy. The highlights of the Cocos Malay calendar are Ramadan and Hari Raya religious festivals.

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS: A drinking club with a running problem. A scheduled 3km walk and a 5km run happens every Monday afternoon. Bring along your favourite tipple for after run “down downs”. Details of meeting place usually on blackboard outside the Cocos Club.

TENNIS: Although Island fixtures are usually held on Tuesday evening. Visitors to the island may gain access during other times of the day and non-fixture evenings.

GOLF: Tee off over our acclaimed Cocos Islands International runway and have some fun! This adds a new dimension to: “look left, look right and look left again”! Scroungers is held on Thursday afternoon. Golf clubs may be accessed at other times of the day. Strict restrictions apply to crossing the runway, so visitors need to contact the Golf Club and the Airport Manager prior to playing golf

NORTH PARK: For the men of the Island. Held every Friday afternoon at 4.30pm at North Park just north of the main Settlement. A monetary donation gets you access to the Esky. Solve the problems of the world with “the committee that really cares”.

SOUTH PARK: For the ladies of the Island. Held every Friday afternoon at a venue to be advised. Check out the blackboard at the Cocos Club for details. Everyone is welcome!

Fireworks display at New Years Eve

Students in traditional Malay costume